Why move to Hawaii?

I decided that I wanted to move to Hawaii years before I actually did. I believe it was about 7 years ago, actually, when I first had the inspiration to move here. Back then, I was young and had dreams of grandeur… I wanted to be like Tom Cruise in the movie, “Cocktail”, and be a jet-set bartender. Living in a tropical paradise, slinging drinks to bikini-clad women, beachside, living the dream. However, that life is not for everyone. Although I opted for a different move in life 7 years ago, I still wanted to move to Hawaii. “Later”, I told myself.

Why I wanted to move to Hawaii is still somewhat of a mystery even to me. I had been to Hawaii with my family and with a close friend before. I think it was sometime during my visits here that triggered the notion of living here. Honestly, I have tried to think about exactly when I made the conscious decision to move here and I am unable to pin-point it. All I know is that I am drawn to Hawaii. Maybe it was because Hawaii is one of those places that everyone dreams about. People save up for years or even their entire life, just to come visit here for a week or two. It is a big deal to come here. It is an awesome place. Here is what I know for sure:

Hawaii really is awesome. I enjoy scuba diving and I can scuba dive very easily here in Hawaii. I also like to ride a mountain bike and there is ample opportunity for challenging rides here. I wanted to live near a beach and now I can see the ocean from my lanai and a walk to the beach takes minutes. I like mountains, hiking, and camping. Maui’s upcountry, the bamboo forest and rainforest in Hana and different terrain make it the perfect place to live. Every Hawaiian island offers something different and unique. From Oahu’s big city life, Maui’s laid-back approach, to the pull of the Big Island; I think that Hawaii has something to offer almost everyone.

That just covers the fun stuff though, doesn’t it? We need to get down to the core. The bottom line. Where the buck stops. We need to consider the cost of living and what we want to do for work. It is important… work. Work is how you pay the bills, put food in your mouth, and keep a roof over your head. You can’t take your date to a movie with love…they only accept cash, or American Express.

I knew that when I first wanted to move here, I considered bartending and being a server at a restaurant or bar. I also thought about getting into the hospitality industry.  All of these are actually good ideas, by the way, if that’s what you do for a living now. There is ample opportunity to make a very good living in Hawaii by being responsible and working in restaurants, bars, and hotels. If you can work hard and be dedicated. I believe you will be greatly rewarded here.

Now years later, my career path played a much more important role in my move. I have a calculated plan. Time will tell how it works out.

I wanted to move to Hawaii when I decided to start creating the life I wanted to live rather than sitting around trying to find myself. Moving here was not about getting away or hiding from life. It is about creating a life and living a life. It is about Carpe Diem. It is about following a career path, networking and creating new opportunities. It is about having new experiences and making new friends. It is about living life to the fullest. It is my place of choice. For you, it may be Colorado, California, Oklahoma, Texas, or Georgia. For me…it has always been Hawaii. It is a magical place. You can feel it here. The spirit of Aloha. Words cannot really explain.

My answer to the question of why I moved here is simple. The islands have been calling me for a long time. I only just now decided to answer.

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