Maui, Hawaii – Printable Guide by Jon Blum

Jon Blum created Maui Vacations – Jon’s Maui Info website at because of his love for Maui, Hawaii. He has been coming here for 25+ years and has a ton of Maui related info for visitors and locals alike.

He has printable Maui Info Guide that gives you important information for your visit here. You can check out the guide and print or download it at:

Check it out!

Mahalo Jon!

The Mustang Convertable on Maui

I have always loved the Ford Mustang…

A Jeep was the Original plan… We drove off in a black Ford Mustang Convertable. We also mounted a Wingman HD camera to the Mustang in select areas… to capture some of our drives around the Maui coastline….

The Oahu Experience was both a Success and a Fail….

I posted earlier that the trip to Oahu and Waikiki was on Friday August 10, 2012. on Friday, we made it to the airport an hour early since this was my first flight out of the small Kapalua Airport in Maui. There were a few reasons that we were making the trip to Oahu. First, and most importantly, I had scheduled my State of Hawaii Mortgage Exam at noon….only and hour and a half after we landed. This way it would be out of the way. Second, my brother was to be wrapping up his last weekend of his 10 day holiday here and it is only proper to take him out on the town in Waikiki to show him the wilder side of Hawaii. Lastly, and a close runner-up for most important, was to go sky diving with Skydive Hawaii.

The 10 day holiday with my brother started out great – everything we did worked out and we were quite efficient in our exploration of the island. We had lazy and busy days, on the beach or in the car….or hiking to some waterfall in the middle of no where. It was fate, I suppose that on Friday when we arrived at the airport…that things would begin to go array. First, the plane was over an hour late and even though the flight was a short 35 minutes into Oahu, by the time we landed we only had about half an hour to make it to the test center…. Hailing a cab took time, the drive was congested, but I finally arrived 5 minutes late and was just in time to sit and complete my test in record time….

After passing the exam (Mahalo), we boarded the Oahu Bus (so my brother could get a taste of the public transportation system) and headed to the Hilton Waikiki to check in. I was on Cloud 9 to have made it to my exam in time and passed…nothing could bring me down. That was, until I saw that Skydive Hawaii had closed for Friday, Saturday and Sunday – I would not be able to skydive this trip! I was taken from stoked to bummed at once…

Duke’s in Waikiki is one of TS Restaurant Groups best stores

However, we made the best of the night, eating at Duke’s restaurant and walking the beachwalk to the Hilton Hawaiian Village for the Friday Night Fireworks (which were great by the way!). Saturday we spent the afternoon having lunch at Tiki’s restaurant near the beach before heading back to the airport at  pm to head back to Maui…

Our ride to Oahu from Maui and reverse…..

I am determined to make the jump and will be making another trip to Oahu soon so that I can take the leap… Stay tuned.